Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks and more

The hand is quicker then the eye. That is how most magic tricks are performed. The magic trick is an optical illusion that makes you think of something that really did not happen. There are many kinds of magic tricks as well as props used in these tricks.

Well known props in magic tricks are hats, cards, and glasses. You see magicians with an array of items they use in their tricks. Magic tricks involve optical illusions and the slight of hand, it makes you think something happened that did not. While you are watching real close here something is happening elsewhere. Magic tricks are highly entertaining and fascinate many people.

It all started with the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat many years ago. It was a sideshow at carnivals and other travelling shows across the country as it kept getting more followers and a greater audience. Today magic tricks and magicians can entertain large audiences for many hours. There are places where there are magic shows almost everyday of the year. These shows have some of the most advanced magic tricks that fool the avid follower. People always want to know why or how and a magic trick gets the mind thinking. The magician uses advanced tricks to keep there audience in amazement.

The young magician starts with simple tricks like disappearing cards or cards that mysteriously reappear. Maybe the hidden ball trick that uses special glasses to create a disappearing illusion has gotten a young magician interested. The magic hat is used in so many different tricks and so is the magic box. These props have hidden storage areas in them where you can hide many different items. This is how the magician can pull a rabbit out of his empty hat. There are many tricks one has no idea of how they are done. When you stick arrows or swords through a person in a box the magician must pass this off as an incredible illusion. How about getting sawed into two or more pieces inside a box. You know it really does not happen but the illusion is grand. Magicians keep advancing their tricks to keep large audiences captivated. Many people that enjoy magic keep coming back, trying to figure out the magic tricks.

Magic tricks have been around a long time. People are developing new ones everyday to wow an audience. The magician is always thinking of new and better tricks to do.

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