Paper Illusion

Paper Illusion Magic Tricks

Are you ready to give your foyer a marble look without hiring stone masons to rip out your walls? How about making your hallway an impressive space reminiscent of European hotels that dazzle tourists with marble hallways and marble stairwells? Paper illusion is a specially manufactured wallpaper that gives the impression of marble but is actually ripped up marble look wallpaper that can make your project a reality in less time than you thought possible. A box of PaperIllusion holds 57 square feet of paper, pre measured to wall paper a 7 by 8 foot wall. The wallpaper is complete, all you need is to rip, peel the backing, dip in water, and apply to your walls. There are no wallpaper paste needed and the effect is astonishingly like real marble.

Instructions for your do it yourself marble look walls are available online. PaperIllusion can be used on ceilings as well as on walls. You can even use the marble finished look of PaperIllusion to cover counter tops as well as doors and dinette walls. The wonderful part of PaperIlusion is that it is mistake proof. You don’t have to worry about matching patterns or lines as in conventional wallpaper. There is no need to smooth out areas where you have joined wallpaper strips. If you are not satisfied or have left a space, you can rip another piece of PaperIllusion and apply it.

All you need to produce a marblized wall with PaperIllusion is a clean dry surface. The walls do not even have to be made even as PaperIllusion can be put over even damaged walls or walls that are not even. Instructions for applying PaperIllusion come with each box ordered.

This wallpaper is washable and easy to remove. The craft potential for leftover pieces of PaperIllusion are endless. PaperIllusion comes in a variety of colors and each roll finishes with a marble look found in many prestigious buildings all over the world. The cost of PaperIllusion is practically insignificant as a 4 roll case sells for under $100 and a single roll for $26. Shipping for PaperIllusion is available worldwide. Your next project can be a satisfying finish to a tired, drab looking hallway or ornamental picture frames all ready for Mother’s Day.

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